Cyber Speak of a Theatre Geek
Transmedia Performance Narratives

So I just found out about this project called ZED happening in Toronto.

It seems like it is going to be really awesome, and as a huge theatre/digital media nerd, I think it is worth sharing with others.  As evident in my thesis, I am quite interested in exploring new arenas for creating interactive audience experiences.  Im quite keen to see how this turns out and what new channels for theatre production and storytelling it opens up for creative types in Canada, and around the world.

Explorations of Social Media in Live Theatre

Great second show for The Life Game this Sunday. TLG is Truth Be Told’s monthly improv series at Studio 1398 on Granville Island based on Keith Johnstone’s original technique. (I am Associate Producer with the company, and am helping to explore the use on online media in our regular shows).  We made our first attempt to live tweet throughout and engage with those who could not attend the show to provide a flavor for the questions and mood of the performance.  Our guest was Push festival Production Manager David Kerr- such a nice guy with an interesting history of talking trees and copious amounts of drugs :).  We are interested in exploring more ways to engage with an online audience through social media and technology based viewing. 

The great part of online media in a show like The Life Game is that the audience could potentially become an integrated part of the action, even evolving to the status of guest with the right circumstances.  Since the show is based on improvising the guest’s life based on a series of questions that takes us through his or her journey from childhood to the afterlife there is potential for remote connection between the physical acting space and the online universe of the viewer.  Of course this changes a lot of the dynamics between the guest and the interview process, but it also opens up the space to explore the reach of audience-performer relationships since the physical audience would still be connected to the guest’s experience even if they were displaced via virtual means. 

Overall it was a great baby toe into the water of online media in live theatre.  Our ongoing process should hopefully yield more experimentation and development thought the remaining shows of the series starting early next year.